Question: What are the nutritional values of Montisse ?

Answer: You can find Montisse’s nutritional values on all Montisse  packagings.


Question: Is the Montisse  packaging  (tin) being recycled properly?

Answer:  In some countries in Europe it is required by law that Montisse  tins are being recycled properly via recognized recycling companies. Since tinplate is a very easy packaging to recycle we are happy to say that the tins are being recycled properly.


Question: Where can I buy Montisse  Swiss candy products?


Montisse  Swiss candy products are available in more than 40 countries. If you want to know whether Montisse  is available in your country please send an e-mail to:  info@montisse and we will send you this information.


Question: Can I buy Montisse  products online?

Answer: At the moment you cannot buy Montisse  products on line. We hope to be able to offer you this possibility in the near future.


Question: What is the shelflife of Montisse ?

Answer: the shelflife of Montisse  is 2 years after production. When it reaches you as a consumer, there is on average 18 months of shelflife left. The shelflife on Montisse  is printed on the side of each tin.


Question: Is Montisse suitable for vegetarians ?

Answer: Montisse herb candies are in general suitable for vegetarians. Some of our products may contain substances that are not suitable for all categories of vegetarianism. The list of ingredients on the packaging contains full details of all substances.


Question: I cannot find Montisse  products everywhere, why is that?

Answer:  Montisse  is produced by a middle sized company. The wide ranges of candy products of the multinational companies occupy the majority part of the shelf space in the bigger super market chains and therefore smaller brands like Montisse  are not always available there.